Oh no! Stay home!

you might see that I tend to only post about Beat Hazard game play. I’m trying to get something going and it is also good to post it here as well. I also do other things in my life.

Lately we, The People, have been asked to remain in our homes for a while; two weeks. This isn’t a big deal to me. I have a yard and an amazing view now. Pssssst… I moved recently. I’m not suffering from cabin fever and really do not see such a thing happening.

I will state that I am worried or concerned about two things.

  1. Will the Government declare marshal law and move us into some other form of government.
  2. Will food shortages happen, people go crazy, and chaos rules the days.

While I wait for neither of them to happen, I am enjoying my days in the north Georgia mountains. Happy that I was able to escape the burbs of Atlanta.

Be safe and take care of yourself and family.

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