Difficult at times…

It is difficult at times to get things done. I tend to start projects that just sit around. Nothing ever becoming of them really. I seem to blame it on anxiety, but really that is just a symptom of the problem.

A lot of the time I just do not have enough information/knowledge to finish the project. Only reason why mouseclone.com has been around as long as it has is I keep paying for the server and domain renewal. I only jump on here from time to time and write about things. There was a time when I wrote about more. I was pushing myself to write; not so much any more.

I have even attempted to do video game streaming. What happened? I got interested in how streaming worked; the software and hardware that made it ticket. Setup a server that would take one stream and fork it to multiple streaming services at once. I could stream from my PC to the server and then out to Facebook, YouTube and Twitch at the same time. Currently OSB Labs charges for that type of service. I dropped the project cause I didn’t have access to Intel E7 Xeons; bummer I know.

I have ben working on other projects as well. I built a coil winder. Need to build a more precise one; I’ll get around too it soon enough. I’m also working to teach myself Kubernetes. The doing is never done enough. One day it will have to be…

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