Broken Xbox App for PC

A while back I gave up on the Xbox App for PC. The application would launch, but I was unable to use any application that was installed. It stated that my account as saved and that I had Ultimate subscribed. The app also told me that I needed to install a lot of other applications for the Xbox App to work.

Needless to say nothing worked. I uninstalled and reinstalled. Went poking through the registry turned up nothing. The internet game no help either. Seems there really was no hope of getting it fixed.

Fast forward to this week. I decided to give ol’ Xbox support a call. Well, I asked them to give me a call. After talking with the guy on the phone for a bit, it was resolved. So what took place that could save you some time? Read on, the meat is next.

The application that he asked me to run was ‘wsreset.exe’ from the Run box. This could be run from cmd or powershell as well. What does the ‘wsreset.exe’ do? It reset the Microsoft Store App. I guess ws stands for Windows Store, but I do not know. I know that it solved my issue with the Xbox App for PC.

I do not use the Microsoft Store app. Personally I really wish Microsoft would stop breaking my computer or just move to a full Linux kernel. Regardless, if you would like to read about resetting the Microsoft Store app follow this link.

Hope this helps someone out there.

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