Christmas in KY

Today I’m enjoying a white Christmas. SNOW!!!!!

2020 has been a crazy year. between the pandemic, lock downs, and the elections. Speaking of elections, we are still in the middle of it and it will not end for the residents of GA until the 5th of January. Then we can all get to moving on with our lives until the next round in 2 years.

What good came out of the lockdowns? The planet was able to heal a bit. It cleaned up the waters. It lowered the number of people that are traveling on a daily. Kids are now being home schooled.

What about the bad of the lockdowns? Oh the economy has been destroyed. The rich have become richer and the middle class had a huge portion of it taken down into poverty. The food chain has been interrupted and people are in lines trying to feed their families.

As for the pandemic, we might be seeing it come to a close. It seems that Phizer and Moderna both created a mRNA vaccine. This acts just like a virus. A virus enters into the body and replicates itself. The vaccine is injected in the body and then tells it to create Covid-19 parts. The body gets fight off the faux virus parts. This is to help the body create anti-bodies for the Covid-19. We will see in 2021 if mRNA vaccines are the future.

Be Blessed 2021

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