Tabs, tabs, and more tabs

My day trade is Information Technology. I work 40+ hours a week at this task and get paid. Then I work on my personal pet projects that are more fun and just as frustrating a times; they do tend to have a better reward for my person though.

Anyone that has done research on a topic and stayed up to all hours of the night will understand. The browser’s tab count can get out of control. As of writing this post, i’m currently looking at about 25 open tabs. Each with something that I want to keep open so that I can reference it later.

I understand that there are bookmarks in browsers. I really do. Bookmarks like the project that get started on, but is tucked away in the corner to never be worked on again. Bookmarks really do not solve the issue for me in researching technical information.

Most of what I have open is manuals. Why? Manuals are where the information from the vendor of the software application, yes even your OS, is located. Manuals are not something a lot of people read. Most things are intuitive. They are created that way so people do not need to read the manual. Seek out any child and they will run circles around adults with technology; unless it requires knowledge of the inner workings.

Will the tabs get closed? Maybe in a week or three.

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