Yesterday, I went in for a vasectomy. Over all the experience wasn’t awful. I’m not able to say it was the best experience I have had in my life, but it wasn’t awful. So let’s talk about that a bit.

How does it feel physically? Like each nut has been thumped. You guys know what I’m talking about. It isn’t a full on kick to the testicles, but more the constant throbbing from both of them just being thumped.

How does it feel emotionally? I have 2 great and wonderful kids; also known as little hellions. I’m a bit mixed. On one hand I do not have to wear condoms to prevent kids; if everything goes according to plan. On the other, I’m not able to have anymore children and that is a bit upsetting.

Why did you do it? I did it to prevent from having any more children. While kids are nice to have, it is a bit cumbersome to worry about having another one. You never know when a condom will fail and result in the female your are poking on to get pregnant. Also, the process for a female to accomplish the same result is major surgery. Lets just say my recovery is faster and I only spent 1 hour at the doctors office.

Over all thoughts and/or feelings? I’m happy it is done. I’m relieved to be on this side of the procedure; the worry of having it done is gone. While I do feel a little sorrowful for the lack of ability to have kids in the future, I believe that it will pass over time. The plan is to not have any more kids and this will make that more concrete.

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